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Worldwide premiere this week!

Updated: Jan 16

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, Quest for Steel.

I have waited to say those words for such a long time.....and now it is a reality. I said it would take two years to film and edit Quest for Steel and I was true to that. I also claimed it would be ready for screening in December 2020 so I am not doing too bad. I was planning for a public screening but I do not need to tell you about a certain pandemic that has sent public screenings the way of the dodo.

I also entertained the notion of a traditional distribution deal but I have found sales agents and distributors to be sharks (I do not wish to insult aquatic creatures in any way so, apologies to our underwater allies).

What do I mean by sharks? well how does signing away all your hard work sound - that plus advice that would have involved re-editing to make it more in line with drab dramas that are littering our screen - I would never do that. I made the film I always wanted to make and I don't think I could live with myself If I was to engineer a film to fit the poor mode of storytelling that sponsor controlled media is pumping out. That is not storytelling, not art - just very boring propaganda.

So independent all the way - and you know what? I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have been creative with my promotion that includes a weekly YouTube show (Sword & Sorcery: The Fantasy Adventure Show) where I get to discuss films and content I love. Much better than sitting on the sideline and letting a third party market your art.

I really must thank the very good people who worked on the film - from my highly skilled makeup artists to the fantastic cast who prepared so well and delivered such excellence -from the start we all knew that we were onto something special. We may not have had the budget but we had the class and that is what makes anything worthwhile. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

So to see the film there are links all over my website. When you click you will be taken to Vimeo on Demand where it only costs $4.99 US (not including tax) rent it over a couple of days or buy the film (which I recommend - because you will want to watch it repeatedly). This is a first I believe, because I do not know of filmmakers doing the same thing. I am hoping the independent spirit is the force of the 2020's - because freedom is everything.



Link to Video below:


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