• Simon Roptell

Warrior Elf: Elvar Zar

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Believe it or not, casting someone to play an elf is no easy enterprise. They have to look like they are made of fine bone china and exude other worldliness. But when you add warrior elf to the fray, they have to be also robust and forewarning. Yuan Lim is perhaps one of the busiest models I think is working in the industry. Yet she is perfectly able to balance everything she does and is a consummate professional about it. Relatively knew to acting, she was able to manage and deliver her lines as if she has been acting all her life and met for rehearsal, costuming and bo-staff practice early on.

So who is Elvar Zar? Sister to Kremla Zar and one of the four combatants of the Order of the bo, Elvar is an elf dressed in blue who finds herself recruited to guard the mysterious Eternal Fort. But no matter how disciplined the guard, how determined the resolve, one does not suspect the unforeseen.

Props again to the magnificent Ruby Dolly who puts her heart and soul into her makeup artistry. Prosthetic makeup takes time and it would be easy to overdo the makeup job on an elf but I think RD really achieved a look which is beautiful, durable and believable.


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