• Simon Roptell

Varik and the recordings of the unconscious.

Ended the last week directing actor Morrison James who expressed interest in being part of Quest for Steel earlier in the year and I was happy to oblige. A gentleman, musician and sword practitioner, Morrison is an agreeable and hard working actor and it was great to spend the time seeing the character of Varik lament in the early part of the shoot and be a complete savage in the latter part.

Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night with a dream or scene and I write down the ideas immediately. As the day rolls on, I can say that quite often it looks like the influence of a dream and does not stand up to consciousness. This was one of those scenes that did. Without spoiling it for you, it is a moment where two soldiers discuss the institution of war and I think I kept the dialogue mostly verbatim, mainly just edited out some lines to make it more concise.

In a way, I dreamt it and it is particularly surreal to see your dream on screen and to go about capturing how things looked at the time. In that way, you are your own critic, as you must answer to the subconscious world, a world that will call you out for dishonesty.

I am presently preoccupied with filming and editing battle scenes and it quite immersive. Still very much on track for the deadline.


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