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The village people

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

The men and women of Amazora

I love dialogue and characters. Seeing a spoken scene evolve is one of the many joys directing brings. But I also love the montage. The silent. I started off as a silent filmmaker, I had to string together images and video clips to tell a story due to the genres I was working in and this I believe, remains a fundamental necessity in cinema. Some would say that there is too much action and not enough dialogue in modern day cinema and I would tend to agree with them. But when both are used to compliment each other the effect is what no other medium can best.

Simon Poole and Paige Hammer play the roles of Father and Daughter; survivors of a Sea Peoples invasion with even more terror encroaching. I wanted this to have that Sergio Leone feel; Wide-shots of plains and closeups of faces and accompanying score dictating the cuts. I like to and often have to know what the music is before I storyboard and I remember listening to the particular piece of music I had selected and dictating the crescendo to this. Seeing it appear on the timeline creates a smile like no other.

In essence, you don't need elaborate costume and makeup here, just actors with expressive faces. Mr Poole is a delightful man who makes the most out of experiences and it was a pleasure to see him bring this role to life. With regards to Paige, well, I think the eyes and the expression says it all. I must give extra credit for Mrs Hammer here for assisting in the final shot of this sequence. To let in on anything at this stage would spoil it, but it made me laugh to hear her voice when playing the footage on the timeline.




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