• Simon Roptell

The Sword of all Swords

Updated: May 30, 2019

Sourcing the sword of all swords...quite a quest. Nobody knows what the first steel sword looked like so there was nothing to really go on. The comfort here was to let attraction guide me. I went to Iron conventions, I went to sword distributors, but it wasn't until I entered a place which held the adage of "conveyor of old wares" that I found my Damascus steel chosen one. Other swords were in better positions, better condition, but there was something about how this sword sat on its black fabric shelf that screamed sword of all swords. Others wanted to be picked but not this one. I know, it's based on the Claymore design crafted much much later; any child with a secondary school history report can tell you that, but there was something otherworldly when I held it in my hands, something beyond Braveheart, beyond Highlander, beyond Sword Excalibur. It even knocked other swords out of the way when I picked it up.

So after a brief stint at a sword repairer it was presented to me without grips, without blemish; smoothed to such perfection that it became like a lengthy piece of mirror that I entrusted it to Lorraine Hong who set about learning the moves of a swordsman.

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