• Simon Roptell

The Siren Song...

Quest for Steel draws from many of the Grecian mythological tropes and aims to create something different. I remember hearing about the allusive sirens, about beautiful sea nymphs capsizing ships with their haunting melodies and tone. I remember Ulysses being tied to the mast and the crew numbing their own hearing abilities by placing wax in their ears. I remember the beautiful romantic oil paintings and statues and when I too am at sea, I love to have the salt spray lash my face and feel the presence of the phantom like siren.

But I want to play with the image of the siren, take her away from the classical setting, infuse her with more of a sorceress, witch vibe. Give her more anger, more callousness, more marionettest than seductress and this is the stage we are up to now with the filming.

And a treasured collaborator will be returning to play her part!


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