• Simon Roptell

The Sea Horse banner and the White hand of mutiny...

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Oh, and my appearance in this film.

Had a lot of fun shooting this scene, because I am the Sergeant (or what the Ancient Greeks would call Lochias) featured in this piece. In recent years I have been mainly behind the camera, even though I have been teaching voice and movement for a number of years and studied acting and did my time in plays and some TV and films.

Truth is, I enjoy writing and film making more, though acting, particularity in pieces such as this, are a lot of fun, which nobody can deny.

I have taken many liberties with the uniform as you can see. The helmet shape is loosely based on what the early Greeks may have had during the Bronze age but is stylised to replicate a type of hardened leather as is the rest of the uniform. Quite interestingly, although most films depicting soldiers in the ancient world are costumed in leather, this was not plausible due to the technique of hardening leather and its suitability. But ladies and gentlemen, may I take the time to tell you, this is a film with magic swords, dragons and people with flames for faces, so if you are trying for an accurate depiction of life at that time, I am sorry, this film may not be for you.

So when you make a film that is not history with a capital H, it gives you liberties to imagine the world the way you like it. Very little is known about the Sea Peoples. So for me, the Sea Peoples have a banner with what else – a Seahorse and in this particular scene the dreaded white hand of mutiny has been slapped on it. I do trust you know what the punishment for mutiny in ancient times was?


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