• Simon Roptell

The Erased

like you . . . during quarantine !

The Erased inhabit the majestic foyer of the Cave of the Gods. They have no feature, utter no sound but are doomed to concierge the brave candidates to the threshold of the cave where the Gods/Enigmistas perch, awaiting those who dare challenge fate. Are the Erased those who have failed in their attempt to solve the riddle and as a consequence forced to exist in a purgatory or are they just crawlers? (Australian slang for a servile flattering/fawning parasite)

On the foyer grounds is the chiselled inscription esiste excel cancella (Exist, Excel, Erase) which are the 3 modes of human life. To exist, is to live the life of the ordinario – to evade peril and prospect. To excel is to enlist the element of risk, which may of course result in reward but may lead to the last mode which is cancella, being erased from existence, which is what the erased are.

I am glad I filmed the Erased last. The lock down obviously restricts shoots, so I adorned the white and lived the life of the erased. It was not too hard to get into the mindset of the alienated, the isolated and the routine. I think all of us can relate to that at this specific point in time. Stay safe good souls.


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