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The Dragon Vishkotury

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Animated talking dragons and other musings.

Well they say never work with children and animals or animate a talking dragon. I wrote all three of these elements into the script and now I have to film it.

Knowing animating the dragon would take a considerable amount of my time I thought I would outsource the work but animating a talking dragon is asking a lot, so I set about to make this dragon myself and the Dragon Vishkotury was born.

I am very pleased with the result. He talks and he talks to camera and is just as real as any of the live or animated characters in the film. I thought the task would be long and arduous but and it was not the most odious hurdle in the film.

The dragon or Vishkotury as he is known by the Amazorians is the last fire breathing dragon that resides high in the mountains of Dragon Frey (the very north of Amazora minor.)

the poem goes:

You cannot hide

When you see the glide

Of the one beast Jury

The Dragon Vishkotury

Now on to the children,

Spoliers ahead

English born actress Davina and her talented daughter little E, play the part of a family that are in Vishkotury's designated path of destruction. Stoic to the end, Davina educates her daughter about the order of things and explains the story of fire.

Little E knew her lines very well and took direction like any other professional I have worked with and took an interest in the film-making process. I think we all want to be good guides to the young and hopefully inspire them to have a life where craft is at the forefront of existence, because although you may not always be able to eat art you can have a good time preparing it.


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