• Simon Roptell

Raber Croven

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

The Overseer of the Eternal Fort.

David M Bond Plays recruiter for night guards of the mysterious Fort.

No soul is taught

What rules the court

Of the lands and port

Of the Eternal Fort.

- Anon -

If you were to travel through Bronze age Amazora, the above is what you would be told about the the endless Fortifications which, as the name suggests, appear to go on for an eternity.

Only liars have gone on to detail what they saw when they entered the gate-less entry as real survivors have never surfaced.

Raber Croven, the Overseer of the fort will neither admit or deny that he has actually set foot in the place. But he needs a recruit, some brave warrior to man the post at night.

He enters Zova. The capital of Amazora Minor. The home of the Order of the Bo. Headhunting the warrior and elf, Elvar Zar...

David M Bond, had been originally cast as the suspicious yet matter of fact German dressed British citizen in my WW2 comedy The Top Secret Adventures of Clara Chapman (2018), but due to our scheduling differences we were not able to secure him. David plays snobby, authoritarian roles to perfection. When we met for this one, a cold read of the lines alone suggested that he need not do much to bring the character alive, as his natural RP English accent was spot on for the character. We joked about interviews and interview techniques and used some of this to inform the role. I had to make sure I did not laugh too loudly on set, when her was assessing the elf but I must admit it was difficult to remain straight faced.

I would also like to thank my mum, who has still got the knack of costume design and can find a way to put various items together to pull of something impressive. For this we wanted to Overseer to be in black but more rugged up than the others in the piece and we did this from bits I had about the place.

Look out for the part 2 of this, coming soon when we tackle the filming of Elvar Zar.


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