• Simon Roptell

Quest for Steel: The Map

Know your Amazora Major from your Amazora Minor.

Every epic needs a map and this one was developed on bits of paper throughout the course of developing the story and was a great aid in navigating the quest. I always wanted the story to be in the latter stages of the bronze age but wanted my protagonists to come from the Russian steppes. I am fascinated by the mix of bloodlines and cultures that have existed and continue to exist there and thought it would provide a new take on this familiar period.

Our story begins in Zova, Amazora minor, and it is the place where our warrior women herald from. It is in these mountains you find the Order of the Bo, but in the backdrop looms the mysterious fortified wall which seems to stretch on forever known as " The Eternal Fort" (on the map as Fort Eternal). You will notice there is a question mark there, for we are unsure as to what resides beyond these fortifications. All we have is the poem:

No soul is taught

What rules the court

Of the lands and port

Of the Eternal Fort.

- Anon

To the South we have the Sea of Fates which is probably the fastest and most common route to Amazora Major and the region's capital, Volina. But these waters are as treacherous as their name suggests for Sirens and phantom like ferrymen are known to take advantage of seafarers navigating choppy waters or finding themselves on route by accident to the island of vandals.

At the very north we have Dragon Frey, where the last of the Dragons live and to the southwest, the Cave of the Gods and to the southeast the Abode of Steel, the resting place of the Sword of Karkaan (the first steel sword). Further south you will of course find Anatolia, the Peloponnese and Egypt, known places that appear in the quest.


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