• Simon Roptell

the SOUND stage of Quest for Steel

It is half the picture.

There is something very calming about undertaking sound work for Quest for Steel. I am enjoying creating a soundscape and creating and selecting sounds that are just right for this universe.

As a lover of music, it is vital I have the music before I edit (sometimes even when I script), This is not always the convention of course. Many terrific composers come on board at the end and do terrific work for many a movie. But for me, the scene can sometimes be the music and it is a character I need to have in the piece, so I spend a lot of time thinking about the music – or sometimes even the absence of music.

So, I have locked myself away in the sound room and am enjoying the ambience from a different world. I could not have picked a better time.

Yes, I have done a sound mix before, but until now it was not something I have enjoyed as much as developing the visual. There is something about Quest for Steel that has made me really look forward to undertaking sound. I have been in the sound edit for a couple of weeks now and am enjoying everything from creating the sound design to undertaking Foley work.

In short, when you make Quest for Steel, you are not just making a movie – you are making a world. You need to be there for the way it looks and you need to be there for the way it sounds. I have spent two years in the world of Amazora and I don’t feel like leaving.

When you next hear from me, it will probably be at the completion of this 2 hour and 20 minute film. Exciting!


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