• Simon Roptell

New "Order of the Bo" comic art

Our first look at the legendary Order of the Bo and the combatants who trained there. Both a temple and school built on the edge of a Zovian mountain in Amazora Minor, the mysterious structure that forbids foreigners and has reared many a fine warrior has long been plagued by rumours.

The school's Master, Bo Fang, is rumoured to be hundreds of years old and is said to be an intolerant and questionable man (though no one would ever pose a question to his face).

One would think that the Bronze age and its focus on metallic weapons would have turned him away from timber and led him to the study of the sword, but no, his dedication to the stick has only increased, refusing to touch or be touched with anything containing alloys and though he curses bronze, he dare not even whisper the word steel, for fear of angering the very spirit of the sword of Karkaan.

It is important to note that Fang has entered legend (as Fang the traveller) but never history in connection to the infamous Plague of Reeds, where he flailed an attacking Egyptian army to death with a solitary horsetail reed, because no branch could be found in the region to shave and shape into a staff.

Fang aside, the school is famous for its fresh recruits of Tegra Fez, Doe Jing (The Dragon Slayer) and the elf sisters Elvar Zar and Kremla Zar.


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