• Simon Roptell

My First Cat Video

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

King Mhett the 3rd's Cat army in Quest for Steel

The Son's of Bastet, arming for action.

Can you imagine the Egyptian Bronze age and its submission to the golden hue and what it would have been like to see the hue turn grey-scale as the iron age began its decent?

When I penned the the Kingdom of Mhett III, I imagined a world - to quote Life of Brian "with as much gold as I can eat." But as any first year design student will tell you, less is more and it became obvious that saturation of such a hue did not emphasise the world of gold and that contradictory tones (blues and greys) provided such emphasis to happen.

I love the mythical world of the ancient Egyptians and its emphasis on animal deities. To have a cat as a God is indeed deserved. These are the creatures that rid the towns of vermin, saving the very existence of populations. Much later on, in the middle ages, we would see what would happen in a world without cats, where animals played second fiddle;

The coming of Sahina of the East River.

a third of the population wiped out by plague caused by overpopulating vermin, because the big predators (In this case the street cat) which were targeted by humans who saw them as witches aids and demonic.

So next time you look upon the Egyptian Goddess Bastet, remember her and her advocacy for cats and the role they played in preserving human life.


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