• Simon Roptell

STAGE 1: Pre-production:

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

August 2018: Script finalisation and visualisation :COMPLETE

The Script

A script which wrote itself. I went for a Hero's journey meets the ideals espoused by the barbarian sword and sorcery video box art of the 1980's if that makes any sense.

The Idea

I want to create a sword ad sorcery film like no other. I want you to feel like you are watching a bit of Deathstalker, a bit of Deliverance and a bit of the Exorcist, if that makes any sense!

#simonroptellfilms #swordandsorcery #questforsteel

#quest #steel

The final design for the Order of the Bo warriors. The armour would replicate leather and bronze and would draw inspiration from Mongolian, Samurai, Greek, Superhero and Manga/anime so as to reflect Quest for Steel's mantra, being the pain of history and the gloss of fantasy art.


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