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Make a Siren fly

Updated: May 30, 2019

It is written in my script....

The siren launches herself from the deck and slowly hovers with flapping wings, towards her prey, and remains in flight throughout her monologue...

Now I have to film it...

My long term collaborator and friend, Deborah Ferris plays this demonic siren and delivers another fine performance. Miss Ferris voiced something similar for me back in 2012 on the 4th wall. There, she was the narrator of the Greek drama scenes and I remember thinking she sounded like the thespians of old, the Maggie Smiths, the Glenda Jacksons, the Sian Phillips, the type you, unfortunately, don't see anymore. Perfect for this dramatic and theatrical Siren.

Last year, when I made the Top Secret Adventures of Clara Chapman, it called for somebody to run a curio or brick-a-brack shop and I wanted someone to display that old world charm and once again, Deborah, was my first call. I remember when it came to shoot we were let down by the costume not arriving so we set about pilfering bits from my own wardrobe and using an old wedding dress to develop a look which was better than the initial concept.

For the Siren, I kne she would be a cross between costume and CG and I enlisted the help of a competent makeup artist, Ruby Dolly to bring my penned illustration to life.

Ruby did a fantastic job, so fantastic that when Deborah warned us she might have a reaction to the contact lenses, Ruby stepped in and said with the eye makeup she applies, she would not really need them. She was right.

After staging Deborah so it looked like she would be flying we were on our way. I had already made the digital ship set and after a few clicks I had my Siren flying across the scene.

Quite pleased.

Click image below to see the before and after video.

Click image to play video

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