• Simon Roptell

Kremla Zar

Casting the last warrior girl.

Australia has a very small population but big enough for its very dry continent. (I am writing this during our devastating bush fires which has showcased how vulnerable our nation is and what future quests will entail if there is to be survival of country and planet.)

A project such as Quest for Steel requires specificity in casting. However, it is somewhat difficult to cast actors when it is taking place in a very small pool. To be an Order of the Bo girl, is to be skilled with a bo-staff, confident with a physicality, Asian in ethnicity and possessing a certain type of vocal delivery. Asking a lot, I know, but in the end I assembled the perfect team with each actor giving their all to the part and giving not only these characters life - but a sense of life to their world.

The Order of the Bo is now complete.

Thus adding Kremla Zar (Yvonne Liu) to the fold as the last of the Fantab Four meant for me a fantastic final stroke of the pen. At last, I had my final warrior girl. Like all the others that filled the spots before, Yvonne is beautiful, hard working, multilingual, confident with her appearance and adept at acting. Yvonne, like the rest of the girls knew she was to be pitted against very competent and experienced UK stage actors so in keeping with the others she treated the role with the respect it required, meeting for rehearsals and taking direction smoothly.

Once again, HMUA Ruby Dolly applied her skills to creating another fantastic elf warrior. Video highlights of her session can be viewed below.

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