• Simon Roptell


MAFALI POTTELI and the costumes of Quest for Steel

Dino De Laurentis Flash Gordon, Filmation's Masters of the Universe, Gwendoline and the Land of the Yik Yak and touch of Ridley Scott's Gladiator were the words brandished around in the fashion house of costumer Mafali Potelli.

A legion of Bronze age centred costumes were produced for Quest of Steel from August 2018 to December 2019, fitting females as small as 5 feet one to men as tall as 6 foot 5. From the 3 feet wide Gold feathered shoulder harness that the priest wore to the Samurai/ Mongol warrior Bikini armour of the Order of the Bo Girls, Mafali Potelli was the place.

The colour wheel was as rich in saturation as it was contrasted with hue, the only colour banned was of course green, due to the use of a green screen.

Foam, leather, bronze. Mafali Pottelli is the go to bronze age armourer.

Shooting will continue and Mafali will be on hand, but this week we toast the work and commitment for realising the graphic and complex world of Quest for Steel's fantasy world of Amazora. A great journey and experience.

Tegra Fez"s Gold Fortress and Do Jing's Red Brigade armour. 2019


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