• Simon Roptell

Has there been...

a film about the Sea Peoples?

There's been films about the Romans, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Trojans and the Persians, but I strain to find a film about the invaders who brought down the Egyptians, Israelites, Mycenaeans, Minoans and other great civilisations of the age. Some call these people the Philistines, some claim they were from Phoenicia, some say Sicily, Some say mainland Europe. But they came at the end of the Bronze age and wreaked havoc.

What we do know is that they came at a time when bronze was switching to Iron and that suddenly having a weapon with a yellowish or goldish hue was less favourable to your less saturated type. Go on, cradle a piece of iron or steel you got about your place or person and acknowledge its dominion to this day. you're hard pressed to find a bronze bit in your vicinity, medals and statuettes not withstanding.

Above this the menacing Van Copp playing the Tharouk, prince of the Black Horde component of the Sea Peoples.


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