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SAHINA: Egypt's Warrior Queen.

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

All hail Sahina! Dweller east of the river. Killer of Kings.

Saheba or Sahebae as Sahina: Egypt's Warrior Queen. #Egyptianwarriorqueen

Whilst Quest for Steel is set in the mainly mythological region of Amazora (an area situated somewhere near the Russian Steppes) during the latter part of the Bronze age, the legend of the first steel sword originates a lot earlier and in this sequence we see the chrome glow of the silver sword make its way to a gold lit palace of Egypt.

Here we witness the reign of the cruel Pharaoh King Mhett (Though never before in history had there been a kinder king) going about his Pharaonic duties.

But a visitor arrives with the game changer weapon, certain to inflict her own brand of non-golden sadism: Sahina of the East River.

As you can see by the image below, actress Saheba was perfect for the role of Sahina (The names are even similar). Like my other good actors in the piece, Saheba took an interest to her character and the script and took the time to rehearse and bring to life this character. She also brought dual language to the role, delivering her lines both in English and in Hindi.

Sahina, as appearing in an early B&W comic strip for Quest for Steel.

Physically, at a towering 5"9, Saheba displayed her Amazonian might, pointing the heavy steel sword at her victims with one hand whilst delivering lengthy monologues. This is no small feat as such a sword is considerably weighty and is meant to be wielded with two.

Credit on the day also goes to the makeup artist Ciara Mcarthy, who applied her cosmetic artistry to Saheba, to help bring the steel gazed wanderer to life.

Play video for the making of the Sahina look and exclusive footage from the film.

Socials for Ciara and Saheba are linked below.


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