• Simon Roptell

Devokore: Richard Mutschall

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Who do you get to play Hell's Warrior?

To play the part of the Sea People's most terrifying soldier I had to look for someone who evoked pure threat. I don't like the Hollywood trick of using a little man to play a big man, that has never sat well with me. Sure, there has been nasty little men all through history, but I needed someone earth shatteringly threatening. I am 6 foot one myself, so I am not that often overshadowed by a presence. At 6 foot 5 and 120 kg, German born actor Richard Mutschall is the fellow you look at and say is there anyone bigger?

To go with the black leather armour look that the rest of the sea people wore I had to use double the material and double the bonding agent and I am glad the shoot was over in a day because the armour was in well need of repair after the shoot. I also needed to construct a prop that way high enough and strong enough to sit him above in order to film the motion capture ""terror horse"" he rides. Alas everything lasted long enough to get the shots required.

Richard first came to my attention when I was looking through applicants to play King Mhett. Sure, Richard could play a multitude of nationalities but this was a presence crying out to be the fantastical Devakore. In real life, Richard is the nicest of people: Calm, polite and obliging. We met a couple of months before the shoot and I had to explain the nasty things the character does and they are nasty things, but I think Richard saw that these are great parts to play and knew that he could give the character justice.

Richard is a fantastic Devokore, mask on and off. At 51, he is one of these actors that can keep playing characters with muscle and fury for many a more years. Right now I am the process of recruiting for some of his poor victims.


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