• Simon Roptell


Hell's Warrior

You didn't think that in a film where everything is pushed up to 11 there was not going to be a heavy metal style bad guy, did you?

When I was a child, I remember seeing the action figure of Skeletor and thinking he was going to encapsulate everything that is nasty about the Exorcist, Deliverance, Deer Hunter world...and when the animation of Masters of the Universe dawned I was disappointed to discover he was but a whiny New Yorker voiced man in a Skull mask.

I loved Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer as well and I remember thinking if I ever get to make a sword and sorcery fantasy film and I have a Death Dealer/Skeletor type make them as bad as they look.

Happy to say I have my Devokore and I look forward to sharing images from the film real soon.


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