• Simon Roptell

Decavious and . . . it's a wrap for the players!

I began casting and principle photography for Quest for Steel back in late 2018 and knew I would be casting and filming way into 2020. I am good with scheduling and am as realistic as you can be with film project planning. Funnily, the role of Decavious went through many incarnations. One moment he was in his 40's the next in his 70's. Nothing unusual, this can happen in a film project. Much of the roles in QFS are demanding. This is what happens when you recruit actors of a high caliber - everyone else that follows has to be able to hold their own. Decavious is a characters that is quite complex, there is darkness and comedy and after viewing many video submissions, it became obvious that such demands were high. English born actor David Attrill and I worked together in 2013 and I recalled his Surrey accented delivery and thought if he is still kicking around he might be good for the role of a retired military officer playing host in a decrepit outpost - no offence of course. I placed him in his 70's and sent him a bell and I think he got back to me that day. After sending him the piece he sent me his video audition and was impressed with his Timothy Spall take on the character: I had finally found my Decavious.

Monday the 9th of March 2020 was a milestone shoot as it marked the end of filming for the players. I may have a few bit parts to cast, stunt work and crowd scenes to film but as far as casting go, I was fortunate to obtain this fantastic group of players as Sydney is a small pool but if you look hard enough and are patient enough you can find a great team of actors.

I'm drawn to actors that have a masterful voice, possess a well groomed movement and make intelligent choices. I also believe that great actors are devoid of narcissism and instead are committed to the craft. Obviously, in a field where self expression is pivotal, I have encountered two types; ones that speak about themselves and ones that speak about the project. The latter will always prove to be a more masterful actor as they are the ones seeking to be part of a world and not seeking a world to be part of them. I can say, that the group of players featured in Quest for Steel fit the latter.

Cast, if you get to read this. I salute you.


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