• Simon Roptell


I am very fortunate to have finished principle photography and filming of all the actors before the pandemic struck. The last role “The Zombartan” was always going to be motion capture CGI but due to the self-isolation rules applied, I was not only artist but model as well (not a real inconvenience though as I have been doing bits and pieces of mo-cap modelling throughout the production.

My style of shooting differs from the convention (if there is one) being that I incorporate a lot of different elements. However; Is it better to have a subject as opposed to filming yourself? Yes and no.

It’s great to have actors there so there is a line between director and subject, leaving the director to focus on production, especially lighting and camera but like the rest of the globe at the moment, I am in isolation so I have all the time in the world so it is nice to be only directing myself and taking my time with it.

The Zombartan was a lot of fun to make. To discuss him would be to ruin him, but as you can see by the image, half of his head has been lost to some kind of decay and he – like a lot of the other characters – is a complete Bronze Age bastard.

I love making Quest for Steel and am very thankful that I am engaged in the post production stage during this time of isolation. I hope you will be able to view this Dark Age piece when we exit our own very dark age. Stay safe.


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