• Simon Roptell

Constan the Terrible

Some times you wish you had more pages for an actor.

Michael Frost "Frosty" came by my way when I was casting for another role. I liked his tape but I was already finalising the work another actor. I have been filming battle scenes recently and needed a great philosophical little moment from a soldier called Constan. Frosty sent through his tape and he was brilliant. He was sporting this fantastic beard and I could see a backstory growing.

When he came round he nailed all his lines quickly and I thought I'd like to use him more in one of the raids and thus Constan the Terrible was born.

There is a lot of villains in Quest for Steel, many of them masked, but Frosty displayed this brilliant relish of hatred and revenge - kind of like an Oliver Reed, so we had fun doing a few takes of a village raid. Michael is actually a very nice guy in real life ( you will find those actors that are comfortable with their skill are).

The December deadline is not false. As you are most probably aware, post-production has taken place during filming and I am as good as you can be with knowing how long things will take.

I sat down and watched 2 hours and 10 minutes of the rough cut the other day and I am so proud. It is the movie I have always wanted to see. Hopefully you will get to see it sometime soon, before or after the new year.


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