• Simon Roptell

Cheyne Stoking arrives.

Cheyne Stoking quickly became a favourite on my media sites appearing as an illustration I would doodle with makeshift Heavy Metal album titles such as "I Cut Satan" and "Touch the Blood."

From the very start QFS was going to have a heavy metal art style edge to it with Cheyne Stoking being a Reaper type figure who sliced Satan with a steel sword and lived to tell the tale.

With COVID19 sending us all in to lockdown, now was the time to tackle Stoking. I had the costumes, props and of course, the time, so I pumped up some metal and storyboarded the tale of the underworld figure and his dalliance with Lucifer.

Cheyne stoking is derived from an abnormal pattern of breathing commonly seen as patients approach death but I first heard the term in the rather excellent Shane Meadows film "Dead Man's Shoes" (2004) in which a revenge driven SAS nutter writes the words on a wall before committing acts of death. I thought such a name would suit the mythical character of death as it sounds like an eerie name.

See my instagram page for more illustrations and other art pieces showcasing the character.


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