• Simon Roptell


Updated: Mar 12, 2019

There are a lot of actresses but very few Lorraine Hong's out there...

For the past few months Lorraine (AKA Tegra Fez) has been learning the stick, the sword, and working on voice to be fit company for my splendid cast and I wish very good things for artists who give their all and Lorraine is one of them!

Lorraine Hong as Tegra Fez in Quest for Steel.

I hold the most considerable amount of respect for not only the actors who participate in my films but all who give their time and talent to work on it

It feels selfish to ask somebody to help realise your idea. People have got to sacrifice time, make their way to the set, apply their labour, their craft, and as everybody knows in independent film, we are all operating in an area of financial loss.

But yet we do it. And then it dawns on you that the illustration of the character you have drawn in pencil on A4 paper a half a year before is standing before you totally transformed from the individual you met in the audition. We have lept out of our own lives and created heroes and villains. We have immersed ourselves into another world.

I'm hard pressed to think of any other pursuit where you encounter this and can think of no other collaborative effort which takes place with such interest.

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