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Quest for Steel BACKSTAGE:

Behind the Scenes of Quest for Steel. Part 1

I am going into the vault and pulling out what I have of Quest for Steel behind the scenes shots, props and other paraphernalia.

Seems like yesterday but late 2018 was script reads, rehearsals, costume and makeup preparation. James was the first on board, someone who I have directed several times and has been a real inspiration and patron to me over the years. For the role, James needed a long naval length beard to give his character that transcontinental mysticism but theatrical fake beards are expensive and I was worried that it would be RIP for Quest for Steel because I spent too much on beards. Like Howard Hughes over-budgeting too much on Sopwith-Camel aircraft or Kevin Costner building fortresses in the ocean could beards pull the project into financial hell? My only knowledge of purchasing fake beards comes from Life of Brian but Australian theatrical beard sellers won't haggle! But like everything creative there is always a solution and my makeup artist Emily used some type of Crepe wool for all the beards which was very effective and meant that wise men could be hirsute and I did not have to call on Aussie Home Loans to assist them with the groom.

The Next up was Lorraine. Certain things make an actor stand out from a myriad of applications. In this case it was the fact that in her application she talked about the project, how she found the teaser for Quest for Steel exciting and that she was drawn to it and how she liked my previous work. I may be old fashioned but that is what I was brought up to do in interviews and in basic communication and do not see it much these days.

And then there of course was Morwenna Ferris , like James, you see that sparkle in her eye, a love for drama and a great sense of humour. Everyone that works with "Toady" or "Stick" is infected by her dynamic way. There should be theater, real theater, where Morwenna gets to display her charm to audiences night after night.

You are probably wondering why Yvonne is holding up an orange top? Well, she was the last to be cast as one of the four bo-staff fighting girls and we were running out of colours. Orange was a consideration so it is just a short colour test. In the end we went with black because, well, tangerine armour looks like you have exhausted all the primary colours and now you are just looking for colours. Amazing to me to think that all this was done two years ago.

The new trailer can be viewed here:


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