• Simon Roptell

Actor Spotlight: Kailah NG.

Some actors are just perfect for the role.

You could search all over the world for an actress to play Doe Jing, but you would keep coming back to Kailah Ng.

Sometimes you get so overwhelmed by the high amount of applicants for a role but surprisingly, your second or third choice is always far away from your first. I remember being struck by how perfect Kailah was in regards to looks for the Doe Jing character. She is tall and is of Vietnamese/ European ethnicity and has travelled the world as a fashion model, yet her manner is far from the superficiality of that world. Her eyes are caring and patient, the kind you attribute to a poet. When I met with her she displayed the intelligence, commitment and versatility you don’t see in all actors - only the gifted ones.

There is a lot of homework for such a lead as Doe Jing, you got to be proficient with the Bo Staff, be word and pitch perfect with the monologues and have a purity of honesty. When we met for rehearsal I could see how much work she was putting in. For a hardworking and intelligent person such as Kale, voice and movement is easy – that can be learnt, but the purity is something that comes from the heart . You can obtain the appearance of purity from some actors with precise camera angles, but for someone like Kale, the purity is there, no matter what.

There are lots of benefits to having a famous and known cast such as quick sales and distribution deals. For me, having the right cast betters that and I am proud to have worked with high calibre artists such as Kale.


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