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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Lorraine Hong

22 year old actress Lorraine Hong.

Lorraine was such a great find. It is the little things that push you towards people. To me. it was the fact that in her application she talked about the project, how she found the teaser for Quest for Steel interesting and that she was drawn to it and how she liked my previous work. I may be old fashioned but that is what I was brought up to do in interviews and in basic communication and do not see it much these days. Lorraine is all about the character. She is open, patient, enjoys rehearsals and everything that comes with preparing for such a big and demanding project as Quest for Steel.

The best actors present themselves as those who can transform into and inhabit a character and I could see throughout the month of prep and the filming that came after, that she wholeheartedly subscribes to that.

When you cast right, you spend time with the right people, through prep, production and when it is over, they are there on your editing screen for often months ahead. So cast right.

Ready for Action: Lorraine Hong as Tegra Fez in Quest for Steel.

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